How to report Fraud or Misuse:

Online: Office of Internal Audit Fraud Complaint Form

By phone: Call the Fraud Unit at (401) 574-8175. Please leave a message, and we will process your call promptly.

By mail: You may send a report to:

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention Unit
  • One Capitol Hill
  • Providence, RI 02908

More information: RI Office of Management and Budget - Office of Internal Audit

What is Fraud?

Fraud occurs when a person makes false statements, and/or misrepresents facts or circumstances to the Department of Human Services in order to illegally receive cash assistance (RI Works), food assistance (SNAP), child care assistance (CCAP), general public assistance (GPA), long term care (LTC), child support services, rehabilitative services, veterans benefits, and Medicaid.

What is Misuse and Provider Fraud?

Misuse occurs when providers operate in ways inconsistent with sound fiscal, business, or medical practices. Misuse can result in great financial harm to both human services programs and Medicaid. Provider fraud can involve illegal practices from child care providers, doctors, dentists, nursing homes, home healthcare, medical equipment providers, pharmacies, mental health facilities, laboratories, transportation services, and more.

Examples of Fraud and Misuse:

- Failure to report income, insurance, or money received

- Failure to report the return of an absent parent to the home

- Failure to report a child out of the home

- Failure to report property or assets

- Claiming Rhode Island residence while living out of state

- Actively seeking drugs

- Committing crimes resulting in incarceration

- Providers receiving bills for services never provided

- Providers misrepresenting credentials

- Billing irregularities from providers