Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Information

How CCAP Works

The CCAP program can subsidize the cost of child care for families that are residents of Rhode Island. CCAP is available for children who are US citizens or legal residents and under age 13. The age can be extended to 18 if the child has special needs.

Child Care Assistance is available to:

  • Low income families who meet income guidelines and are working a minimum of 20 hours per week at or above Rhode Island's minimum wage.
  • Families participating in training, apprenticeship, internship, on-the-job training, work experience, work immersion sponsored by the Governor’s Workforce Board, who need child care in order to take part in these job readiness/training opportunities.
  • Families participating in the RI Works program.
  • Pregnant/Parenting Teens participating in DHS’ Youth Success program.

Also available to families is Transitional Child Care:

Allows families already participating in the CCAP program to remain eligible for the subsidy program if their income increases and does not exceed 225% of the federal poverty level.

Choosing a Child Care Provider

Families that qualify for the CCAP program can choose their own child care provider. The CCAP program will reimburse authorized child care providers up to a certain amount. Most eligible families share in the cost of care, called a co-payment, based on their income, family size and the number of children receiving child care subsidies. This fee is paid directly to the child care provider.

Parents can select the child care provider of their choice and, if necessary, may use more than one provider to meet their child care needs so long as the hours of care do not overlap. Options for child care include:

  • A DHS licensed child care center or before/after-school program
  • A DHS licensed family child care home
  • A license-exempt provider (relative) that has received approval from DHS

For a list of Providers approved to participate in the DHS Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), please contact BrightStars by phone at (401) 739-6100 or 1-855-398-7605, by e-mail at or search the web at Services are available in both English and Spanish.