EBT Card - Permanent
EBT Card - Permanent

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EBT Card Information

REV: 06/2018


To:     DHS Program Participant
From: RI Department of Human Services

Enclosed please find your Electronic Benefit Transfer Card (EBT Card). The SNAP and/or RI Works cash benefits you receive are placed on this card every month. This EBT Card is a permanent card. You will use the same card for as long as you receive benefits.

Do not throw your card away.

If this is your first EBT card:

You need a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to use the EBT card. Call the RI EBT Card Customer Service Line at 1‐888‐979‐9939 to create or change your PIN. Alternate Payees must create their PIN in the DHS office. Never share your PIN with anyone or else they can use your benefits.

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged:

You can request a replacement card by calling EBTedge at 1-888-979-9939.

If this is your replacement EBT card:

This new card is active. You can use the PIN from your previous card. However, if you’d like to change your PIN, please call 1‐888‐979‐9939. If you had benefits on your account before your card was lost or damaged, those benefits will automatically be on this replacement card. If you have questions about using the EBT Card, call the 1‐888‐979‐9939 Service Line or visit WWW.EDTEDGE.COM.

EBT Replacement Restrictions:

Replacement EBT cards are no longer available for pick up at the local RI DHS office. With the exception of certain emergency circumstances, RI Works and SNAP recipients will receive any EBT replacement card(s) via the US Mail.

Requests for four or more replacement EBT cards within a twelve (12) month period may be referred to the Program Integrity Unit for investigation of misuse or abuse of the EBT card. Documented violations may result in one or all of the following actions: disqualification from the program, recovery through recoupment/restitution, and/or referral for criminal prosecution.


There is never a transaction fee for using your SNAP benefits to buy food with your Rhode Island EBT card. There is also never a transaction fee for using your Cash benefits to buy food or get cash at a Point of Sale (POS) machine. At ATMs, after your second cash withdrawal in a month, a 45¢ transaction fee is automatically taken out of your Cash account each time you withdraw cash. A surcharge is an additional fee charged by the owner of an ATM or POS machine for using that machine to make a cash withdrawal. Surcharges, if any, for getting cash will also be taken from your account automatically. If you do not want to pay the surcharge, simply cancel your transaction and go to another ATM or POS location that does not charge a surcharge.

RI Works EBT Restrictions (could result is loss of benefits): RI Works EBT card holders are not allowed to use their EBT card to buy anything in the following places and are also not allowed to use an ATM machine located at these places to withdraw cash:

  • Liquor Stores (meaning any establishment which sells exclusively or primarily intoxicating liquor);
  • Casinos, Gambling Casinos, or Gaming Establishments;
  • Retail Establishments that provide adult-oriented entertainment (where performers disrobe or perform in an unclothed state for entertainment).

Using your card in these locations will result in the following penalties:

  • The first time you use your card at one of the restricted places, you will receive a written warning;
  • The second time, you will be required to pay DHS the amount of cash withdrawn or the amount of the purchase made at the restricted location;
  • The third time and each time after that, you will be required to pay DHS the amount of cash withdrawn or the amount of the purchase made at the restricted place AND your RI Works Benefit amount will be reduced by the amount that would be paid for the parent who used the card in violation of the rules.