SNAP applicants and recipients may need to fill out forms beyond the application, such as a change report form, recertification form, interim report form and a request for replacement of food Purchased with SNAP benefits.  Find these forms below.  

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Change Report Form:

Use the SNAP RIW-200 Change Report Form to report any changes in your household circumstances. SNAP recipients should report things such as an updated address, a change in income or changes to the number of members living in your household.  

SNAP RIW-200 Change Report Form (English)

SNAP RIW-200 Change Report Form (Spanish)

SNAP RIW-200 Change Report Form (Portuguese)


Once you are approved for SNAP, your case will be “active” for a certain period of time. This is called your “certification period.” You will have to recertify every 12 or 24 months depending on your household circumstance to continue receiving SNAP.  You will be mailed a recertification packet to the mailing address you reported to DHS in the the 11th or 23rd month of your certification period. If you did not receive the form, you may:

  • call DHS to request a new one 
  • complete your recertification online by logging into your account at, or
  • you can complete the SNAP-2 Recertification form below

Recertification (English)

Recertification (Spanish)

Recertification (Portuguese)

Interim Reporting:

SNAP households that have a 12-month certification period will need to fill out an Interim Report before the end of the sixth month of their certification period. An interim report form will be mailed to you in the fifth month of your certification period.  If you did not receive the form, you may call DHS to request a new one, or you can complete and mail the SNAP-2M form below. 

Interim Report (English)

Interim Report (Spanish)

Interim Report (Portuguese)

How to Report Loss of Food:

If your food spoiled due to a loss of power or other misfortune, you may qualify for replacement SNAP benefits. You can ask for replacement SNAP benefits if you lost food that you bought with SNAP because:

  • You lost power for 4 hours or more,
  • Your utilities were shut off (for any reason),
  • Your freezer or refrigerator stopped working, or
  • There was damage from a fire, flood, or storm

Tell DHS within 10 days of the food loss. You can do this in person (when offices are open), by phone or mail. Within 10 days of when you report the loss, you also need to give DHS a SNAP-55 Request for Replacement of Food Purchased with SNAP Benefits form below. This can also serve as your initial report.

SNAP 55 (English)

SNAP 55 (Spanish)

SNAP 55 (Portuguese)

Want to appeal your SNAP or any other benefit decision? 

Appeals information can be found here