Long Term Services and Supports – Program Information

Descriptions and Purpose

Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) are defined as institutional services or home and community-based services and suppports. LTSS is designed to help people who have disabilities or chronic care needs to optimize their health and retain their independence. Services may be episodic or on-going and may be provided in a person's home, in the community (for example, shared living or assisted living), or in institutional settings (for example, intermediate care facilities, hospitals, or nursing homes).

Medicaid LTSS

You must meet both the financial need and the functional/clinical “level of care” need to qualify for Medicaid LTSS.

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To speak with a LTSS specialist, you may call your local LTSS office.

  • Providence LTSS – Home and Community-Based Services (401) 415-8455
  • Providence LTSS – Nursing Homes (401) 415-8455
  • Cranston LTSS (401) 462-5182 (now located at the Providence LTSS Office (401) 415-8455)
  • East Providence LTSS (401) 415-8455
  • Newport Office (401) 851-2100 or 1-800-675-9397
  • Woonsocket LTSS (now located at the Providence Office) (401) 415-8455

1-855-MY-RIDHS (1-855-697-4347) For Urgent Care