SNAP - Documents You May Need to Apply

Documents You May Need for Benefit Approval

The examples provided below are to help you get ready for your interview with your DHS worker. Please COPY only the documents needed to complete your application or re-certification. For a TELEPHONE INTERVIEW, you must send in copies of the required documents to your worker BEFORE the scheduled interview date. For an IN-OFFICE INTERVIEW, bring the required documents with you. If you need help obtaining or copying any of these documents, please call the worker listed on your appointment letter, or visit your local community action agency. See back page of application for locations and contact numbers.


A copy of the court order and proof of the amount paid, such as a canceled check or a written statement.


Provide 4 weeks of paystubs or a letter from employer.


An applicant and/or authorized representative will need at least ONE form of identification such as: Passport or Certificate of Naturalization; driver's license; birth certificate; voter registration card; military or RI state ID card; work or school ID card; health benefit or a library card. A Social Security number for all household members applying for benefits is required. (Social Security cards are not required.)


If a non-citizen, proof of immigration status is required and sponsorship information may be needed.


Individuals with a disability or age 60 or above: medical costs that are NOT REIMBURSED including doctor co-pays, mileage costs, therapy expenses, prescription costs, Medicare card showing "Part B" and "Part-D" coverage.


One document indicating current address (i.e. utility bill, bank statement, etc.)

RESOURCES- Only send to DHS if requested by your worker.

In SOME CASES resources may apply. They include verification of liquid resources, bank statements, stock and bond certificates, and proof of property ownership. Vehicle registration may be required.


An applicant may be required to provide verification of educational (Loans/Grants/Scholarship) expenses including, but not limited to, tuition and fees.


Most recent copy of Social Security award letter; proof of unemployment; Worker's Compensation; pension; child support; alimony; TDI; rental income; dividends or any interest income; adoption subsidy; EITC; foster care income; out of state assistance, etc.