DHS Divisions

DHS has four divisions. The many programs and services they offer expand DHS' reach and are vital to the quality of life, economy and future of our State.   


A four picture collage showing a woman playing bongos, an older person, a veteran saluting and a smiling child. In the middle of the pictures are the words, "The programs within our divisions serves thousands."

Office of Child Support Services (OCSS)

Enhancing the well being of children by assisting in obtaining support, financial and medical, with establishing paternity, enforcing court orders and securing other needs.

Office of Healthy Aging (OHA)

Empowering Rhode Islanders (age 55+) and adults living with disabilities to age strong.   

Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS)

Develops and implements support services for the disabled of our state.

Office of Veterans Services (VETS)

Advocating, supporting and caring for all the needs of Rhode Island's veterans and active duty service members and their families.