Programs and Services

DHS' programs and services, including those offered by our four divisions, collectively serve more than 300,000 families, adults, children, older Rhode Islanders, individuals with disabilities and veterans each year. Each have their own eligibility requirements and our staff are happy to assist those who need us through the application process and any other needs. 

If you have internet access, many services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the online Customer Portal. You can view notices, report a change, submit a document we requested and apply all online. Click Tech Resources within the Resources tab above for useful how to guides.

A young Rhode Island learner inspects a toy car at his Providence child care center.

Child Care

Subsidies to quality care, Head Start and support and licensing for the State's child care providers 

A four person collage showing a veteran saluting, a child in a wheelchair, an older female and a laughing boy.

DHS Divisions

Office of Child Support Services (OCSS)

Office of Healthy Aging (OHA)    

Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) 

Office of Veterans Services (Vets)

A white scale model house heated by a red scarf.

Energy Assistance Programs

Heating and weatherization services for eligible low-income families

The hands of two people who care about each other and are sitting at a wooden table.

General Public Assistance


Small cash assistance for low-income adults 18+ while they await an SSI determination, GPA Hardship payments and Funeral/Burial payment assistance 

A grandmother happily plays chess with her visiting grandchildren.

Long Term Services & Supports 

Custom services for older adults, people with disabilities or chronic care needs living in a variety of settings as well as the SSI Enhanced Assisted Living program

A close up on a doctor with a stethoscope folding his arms across his chest.

Medicaid / Medicare Programs

Multiple healthcare coverage options through the publicly-funded state Medicaid program as well as a Medicare Premium Payment Program for those with federal Medicare

A family who moved to Rhode Island from another country smiles for the camera.

Refugee Assistance Program

Supporting refugees with resettling in Rhode Island

A female plumber works on a unit.

Rhode Island Works

Financial and employment assistance for low-income families with children

A wheelchair wheel

SSI State Supplemental Payment Program

Small cash benefit for those aged, blind or disabled who receive federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


A young boy with blond hair masked and shopping for groceries with family. He is holding up bananas.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Fighting domestic hunger with food assistance for those with little to zero income and eligible students not receiving school meals due to COVID-19