Eligibility & How to Apply

Federal COVID Interview Waiver Ends June 1, 2024

Please be advised that beginning June 1, 2024, SNAP households must have an interview as part of the application and recertification process.  The COVID-related waiver, allowing determination of eligibility without an interview in some circumstances, that was offered by USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service and applied by DHS during the pandemic has ended. This means DHS will be calling SNAP applicants to complete required interviews or sending appointment notices in the mail for anyone submitting a SNAP application or recertification form after June 1, 2024. 

Households renewing their benefits as part of the Elderly and Disabled Simplified Application Project (ESAP) are exempt from the interview requirement.  

Am I eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?

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Eligibility and benefit amounts are based on:

  • Income 
  • Expenses 
  • Resources
  • Number of people living in the household

SNAP has two income levels:

  • Households without an older adult (someone age 60 or older) or someone with a disability may qualify if their income is less than 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
  • Households with an older adult or someone with a disability may qualify if their income is less than 200 percent of the FPL.

In order to receive SNAP benefits, most households will also have to meet a net income test of 100 percent FPL. Households with a member who is elderly or disabled may have higher gross incomes as long as they meet the net. Households of one or two people may be eligible by meeting the gross and not the net.

Please note that adjustments to SNAP benefits, deductions, and income eligibility are updated every year in October by the USDA FNS to account for changes in the cost of living, also known as the SNAP Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). See FPL income guidelines below for the SNAP Monthly Gross Income Limits from October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023. New adjustments will take effect on October 1, 2023. Additional information on 2023 SNAP COLA changes is available below. 

NEW SNAP Income Guidelines Effective October 1, 2023


Household size

Maximum monthly gross income (185%) (Households without an older adult or

someone with a disability)

Maximum monthly gross income (200%) (Households with an older adult or

someone with a disability)

1 $2,248 $2,430  
2 $3,041 $3,288  
3 $3,833 $4,144  
4 $4,625 $5,000  
5 $5,419 $5,858  
6 $6,210 $6,714  
Additional Approx. $794 Approx. $858  

SNAP Income Guidelines Effective Through September 30, 2023


Categorically Eligible
FPL Gross Income
Elderly and Disabled
FPL Gross Income

Approx. $729

Approx. $786

In addition to the income guidelines, what else is changing on October 1, 2023?

At the beginning of every federal fiscal year, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (USDA FNS) adjusts maximum Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, deductions and income eligibility standards. These adjustments are known as the “SNAP Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).”

The SNAP COLA is based on changes in the cost of living and takes effect on October 1st of each year. Please read the following to learn about all the changes, some already reflected on this page as well as additional elements of the COLA, that become effective on October 1, 2023

To get SNAP, you need to: 

  • Apply online, by paper application, by phone or or in person when our lobbies reopen. 
  • Meet eligibility requirements
  • Provide the required documentation. A verification checklist can also be found here.
  • Have an interview with DHS staff *

You may have another person act as an authorized representative by applying and being interviewed on your behalf by designating an authorized representative in writing.

To receive SNAP benefits, you must apply in the State in which you currently live. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities here

How much SNAP can I receive? 

The amount of money your family receives depends on the above eligibility factors. Effective until September 30, 2023, the maximum amount per household size each month is: 

  • Household of one - $281
  • Household of two - $516
  • Household of three - $740
  • Household of four - $939
  • Household of five - $1,116
  • Household of six - $1,339
  • Household of seven - $1,480
  • Household of eight - $1,691

Beginning October 1, 2023, the maximum amount per household size is:




*New* Maximum Benefit

October 2023 –

September 2024

1 $291
2 $535
3 $766
4 $973
5 $1,155
6 $1,386
7 $1,532
8 $1,751
Each additional person $219


How will I receive the benefits?

Benefits are added monthly to an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card. The EBT card is like debit card that can be used at supermarkets, grocery/convenience stores and farmers’ markets. Go here to see what you can buy with your SNAP benefits. 

How do I apply?

There are multiple ways you can apply. All can be found on our Apply Now page. 

What happens next?

Once you have submitted an application for SNAP benefits, DHS has 30 days to determine your eligibility. DHS is required to review SNAP expedited applications and make a decision within 7 days. You may be eligible for expedited SNAP benefits if you:

  • have less than $100 in cash AND less than $150 in monthly earnings OR
  • if your housing expenses exceed your monthly income OR
  • if you are a migrant or seasonal farm worker

Additional steps in the application process are:

  1. You will need to gather documents verifying your situation. You may mail or drop off photocopies to DHS or upload the requested to the online Customer Portal or to the HealthyRhode Mobile App
  2. If an interview is needed, you will receive a phone call from DHS to conduct your interview. If you are unable to take that call, you will receive a notice in the mail informing you of the date and time of the interview. You can also call DHS to schedule a time that is more convenient for you. If you miss your interviews and do not call to reschedule, you may be denied. 
  3. If you are asked to provide further documentation, you have 10 days to get it to DHS.
  4. You will be given or mailed an EBT card and asked to select a personal identification number.
  5. You have a right to appeal the decision. 

For more information...

Call 1-855-MY-RIDHS (1-855-697-4347) or TTY 1-800-745-5555 (for hearing impaired).