Summer EBT

Coming Soon

Important Notice

More information about the SUN Bucks program including the timing of benefit issuances and how/when to apply will be added soon.

Public Notice Informing the Public about the Proposed Summer EBT Waivers

FNS has determined that Rhode Island must submit a request seeking waiver approval in order to administer the Summer EBT as planned. FNS has authority to waive regulatory provisions for Summer EBT, when certain conditions are met, consistent with Section 12(l) of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, 42 U.S.C. 1760(l). 

Waiver(s) Requested:

7 CFR 292.15(c)(1)(i)(A) Benefit issuance.

For children who can be streamline certified or who have an approved Summer EBT application on file, benefits must be issued and available for participants to use 7-14 calendar days before the start of the summer operational period.

7 CFR 292.15(c)(1)(i)(B) Benefit issuance.

For eligible children who apply after the summer operational period begins, benefits must be issued and available to spend not later than 15 operational days after a complete application is received by the Summer EBT agency.