Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP, formerly called food stamps, is the nation's largest program for fighting domestic hunger. Federally funded and state administered through our Department, we are committed to providing low-income individuals and families with resources to purchase food.

Eligibility and benefit amounts are based on income, expenses, resources and the number of people living in a household. Recipients get an EBT card that can be used at supermarkets, grocery/convenience stores, farmers' markets and participating online retailers. Stores interested in accepting EBT can go here. Click here for more information on becoming a retailer for the online purchasing program. 

Since March 2020, some SNAP households have received extra benefits called emergency allotments to help during the pandemic.  In April 2021, the federal government made a change to allow more SNAP households to receive these extra benefits. You can read more here.

NOTE: Extra benefits need to be approved by the federal government on a month to month basis, and DHS announces the decisions widely each month.