Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

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WAP helps income-eligible households reduce heating bills by providing whole house energy efficiency services to households that qualify for LIHEAP. Some services available include installing insulation and providing health and safety measures including: installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, reducing drafts, and providing proper ventilation. 

Your local CAP agency will walk you through the application process, but here are some important points: 

  • Community Action Program (CAP) agencies take WAP applications throughout the year.
  • Applicants should first apply for LIHEAP at their local CAP agency.
  • Both homeowners and renters (with landlord approval) are eligible for WAP.
  • CAP agencies provide convenient, safe intake locations and will arrange for older adults or disabled individuals to apply at an intake site.
  • CAP agencies have procedures to allow non-English speakers and people with literacy problems to apply for assistance and comply with application requirements.

Learn more and how to apply by contacting your local Community Action Program agency.

Want to become a Weatherization Contractor? Learn more here

After a brief suspension of this program due to COVID-19, homes visits resumed in the fall of 2020. Below are the reopening guidelines and documents needed to prevent further spread.