Workforce Registry

The Rhode Island Start Early System (RISES) Workforce Registry provides a centralized hub for early educators to view key employment details, improving administrative efficiency and reporting. 

child care worker (stock photo)

The Workforce Registry will help reduce manual tasks through the efficient tracking of employment details, credentials, and professional development—providing a tool for staff to monitor annual professional development hours directly from the dashboard. 

DHS licensed child care providers will find additional information and resources below: 


Rhode Island Start Early System (RISES) 

What You Need to Know

The Workforce Registry system will actively contribute to the Rhode Island Department of Human Services (DHS) by providing a comprehensive understanding of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) landscape. Through the adoption of the tool, data collected will help inform future decisions, highlighting the daily contributions of the ECE workforce.

System Benefits Overview

This system will be a one-stop solution for workforce-related information, including:

  • Professional development (PD) hours and certifications.
  • Notification and access to upcoming trainings
  • A comprehensive job board
  • Uploading of staff resumes/CVs effortlessly
  • Increased visibility into associations with current employers

How Do I Begin?

User guides and training manuals on the Workforce Registry are available for download below: